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Toenail Discoloration

May 3rd, 2010

The first sign of toenail fungus happens to be toenail discoloration. This is when your toes appear to be a little bit of color or dingy looking. If you’ve been outside wearing flip flops or even at the nail salon getting a pedicure and you look down to see that your toes do not look normal this could be a clue that you might be in need of some proper toenail fungus cures.

However, sometimes your toes can get discolored when you have injured it pretty badly such as stubbing it really hard or it getting hit by some hard object. After an hard injury you may experience a black toenail but if you haven’t hurt it by any physical object then it can be due to fungus happening and it turns slightly discolored at first.

Toenail discoloration happens to a large variety of people, so if you have this then you do not need to feel alone. Over six million Americans experience this at some point in their lives and roughly thirty million people have this toenail fungus across the world.

There are many colors it will change but most of the time it can be yellowish, and sometimes it will turn green and brown as well as a white color. It will begin at the bed of the nail and then slowly work its way down until most of the toe nail is a real ugly color. After a short while having toenail fungus it can begin to split and crack, as well as get really frail and fall off.

What can be done about Toenail Discoloration?

There are many different remedies and toenail treatments out there but the ones the work the best happen to be the natural solutions. Products with tea tree oil, vitamin E oils, as well as lemon grass are very effective in healing the body from the toenail discoloration. Prescription products and other pharmaceuticals often times do not work the best.

It’s best to start the treatment of the nails when the fungus is at is early stages. When the nail is thin and discolored it’s easier to treat than when it’s thick and distorted and about to fall off. You must act quickly before the condition gets worse if you really want to penetrate the fungus and cure your toenail discoloration.