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Laser Treatment for Nail Fungus

June 2nd, 2010

laser treatments for toenail fungusNail fungus is a fairly common skin disorder. Though it is not considered as a critical life threatening problem, you should not undermine the importance of curing toenail fungus because if left untreated, it can lead to severe complications and loss of nails. Treating nail fungus is easy and there are several options for you to choose from which include: topical medications, homeopathic treatments, prescription drugs as well as the latest invention which is laser treatment. The laser treatment is a novel and innovative method of curing nail fungus and it currently shows promising results as an effective and long lasting cure.

Benefits of Laser Treatments?

This nail fungus is characterized by discolored, brittle and dry looking nails. In extreme conditions the nail looks deformed with strips of the nail peeling off. Laser treatment is successfully used to terminate the fungus which manifested within the nail bed.

Unlike contemporary treatment methods, laser treatment can be quick and produces results within 10 minutes. The treatment method does not cause any damage to the surrounding skin area which is a major advantage compared to some of the topical treatments that contain skin irritating agents.

Are Laser Treatments Painful?

For those who are concerned about any pain involved in a laser treatment for curing toenail fungus there should not be any worries on that issue since there has been very little pain for those who sit through the entire process. Laser treatments also eliminate the threat losing your nail so you don’t have to get rid of your nails when you get them treated.

The treatment is available for people from any age group as the risk of allergic reactions is minimal under this process. Therefore it is an ideal option for those who are sensitive to allergic responses from using either over the counter, or prescription medications.

The Cost Factor

One reason that laser treatment is not considered as the number one choice for treating toenail fungus despite its substantial and comparative benefits is the expensive cost factor. Many people assume that laser treatment would cost much more than they could afford, as most of those people are right.

Unfortunately the insurance companies do not help out because they are not yet able to cover laser treatments in their policies. However, when you look at the long term cost involved in prescription medications then price difference can be a little more easy to deal with. Especially if you want to have healthy looking toenails immediately after your treatment has taken place.

Laser Treatment Testing Continues

Another reason for the popularity of laser treatment for nail fungus is because this treatment method is still in its testing phase. However, the ongoing studies have indicated promising results especially in terms of its instant effectiveness and absence of major side effects.

Today laser eye surgery has become the most favored option for eye sight correction. Within less than a year millions of people who wore eyeglasses and eye contacts for years have been able to throw them away. If the clinical trials of laser treatment for toenail fungus continue to develop successfully it will not be long before millions of people are given a chance to be carefree in public by taking off their socks and shoes that were covering their discolored toenails.